Vacay Workouts

Going on Spring Break or a little weekend getaway? If so, you can still burn a few calories and workout without taking the time to go the the gym.  Endgule in your vacation and all it has to offer, but still choose heart healthy activities...

1. Take a family walk out to coffee/breakfast
2. Go for a refreshing morning jog before anyone else awakes
3. Swim, boogie board, surf, or play marco polo
4. Pack a lightweight resistance band and do a few exercises during sunrise
5. Go golfing or to play frisbee in a nearby park

Just because you're on vacation, doesn't mean you're inevitabley going to gain weight. Incorporate some simple acitivites the whole famliy can do, and you won't even realize you're 'working out'.


MessyMissy said...

I'll be going to Myrtle Beach in a week and I was JUST thinking about how I was going to work in some work outs. Thanks for the tips!! Now following you from MBC, Simply Follow. You may find me at

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