Easy On-The-Go Breakfast!

You'll hear it time and time again, but breakfast truly is one of the most important meals of the day! It gives you the energy to get moving in the morning, gives you the brain power to concentrate at work, and best of all... boosts your metabolism! Here's a simple, yet power-packed, breakfast recipe that you can whip up, throw in a cup or water bottle, and be on your way!

Throw all the ingredients below into a blender:
1 frozen banana (quick tip: peel your bananas before you freeze them!)
Approx. 1 cup all natural, no sugar added orange juice
1/2 cup crushed ice
splash of vanilla
1/2 cup organic yogurt, plain or vanilla (avoid artificial sweeteners)
1 scoop all natural protein powder (go for 100% soy or 100% whey protein powder, avoiding any additives and sweeteners)
Pinch of flax seeds

Blend until all ingredients are evenly dispersed. Pack in a to-go cup and enjoy!


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