Workout with Your Baby!

Having a baby is both exciting and draining. Just because you're a new mom, there's no reason you cannot still incorporate physical activity into your day. In fact, it's highly important to do so! Strengthening your muscles after giving birth is important for many physiological reasons, but also to make you fit and strong enough to keep up with the demands of motherhood, such as carrying your baby, pushing the stroller, and lifting your baby up off the floor.

The good news... you don't have to hire a baby sitter and go to the gym to get an efficient workout in. Your baby is the perfect workout partner. Plus, you'll get a naturally progressive workout- as you get stronger and more fit, your baby is getting heavier which makes your workouts gradually more challenging! It's a win win.

Give it a try! Next time you and your baby are home together, change into your comfy workout clothes, turn on some music, and workout! You can do squats, kegels, pushups, baby lifts, etc. The possibilities are endless and the results are worth it!


Laura Jane said...

Great advice! I've been trying to find new ways to work out while lugging my 27lb 9month old around. Really he's just breaking my back, though! Spring is here and it's time to break out the jogging stroller!

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