Client Question: What Does a Personal Trainer/Nutritionist Typically Eat Throughout the Day?

Thanks for the great question!  What a trainer/nutritionist eats throughout the day is going to depend on their cultural views, fitness goals, and other health issues- just as it varies for all of you! I do think, however one thing most trainers and nutritionists agree on is eating 6-7 small meals every couple of hours throughout the day.

I personally try to eat fairly clean and organic- meaning predominately whole foods with the USDA Organic label versus processed foods (such as baked goods, breads, crackers/chips, salad dressings, processed meats, and sugary or salty condiments).

A typical day may look as follows:

Black Coffee
Whole Oats, Falxseeds, Wheatgerm, and Blackberries
Egg Whites
Turkey and Veggies
Apple with Peanut Butter
Shrimp with Lemon and Pepper
Salad with Balsamic Vinager, Chicken, legumes

Of course, I also drink water throughout the entire day. Eating clean does take a little more time to prepare your meals, however the rewards significantly outweigh the time lost in preparation.

I hope this answers your question!


Rahim said...

One thing I noticed about your list is little if no bread. My brother is a personal trainer and he tends to stay away from a lot of bread. I love bread and he's always telling me that if I relax on the bread more, I'd see my six pack a little more.

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