5 Tips To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

1. Fill up on the good stuff- At all the holiday parties you go to, first snack on the veggies (hold the dip), baked or plain chicken and meats (nothing fried), and fresh fruit trays. Then, try little bites of the desserts and high calorie foods. That will ensure your first fill up on low calorie, nutrient dense foods, and just sample the high calorie, high fat foods. This will easily save you plenty of calories!

2. Light on the nog- enjoy a holiday beverage or two, but leave it at that. Many festive holiday drinks tend to run you 150-200 + calories per drink. You could wolf down an entire meals worth of calories on drinks alone if you aren't cautious.

3. Plan ahead to exercise- Of course you're going to be busy- you'll have relatives in to visit, and be running around town getting those last minute gifts, however that doesn't mean you cannot afford time to exercise. Plan ahead times you can take a brisk walk, hit the gym, or do a few calisthenics in your bedroom before company arrives. Think about your days and weeks in advanced and look forward to the time you can save to exercise.
4. 10 Minutes is better than nothing- If the unexpected happens and you cannot afford the time the get in a 30-60 minutes workout take just 10 minutes to go on a walk, jog, or to do a few exercises at home. A short burst of 10 minutes is certainly better than nothing and it will keep you motivated!

5. Don't give up- Just because you cave in one day and eat all the left overs from your holiday party, doesn't mean you need to then give up. Pick yourself back up and continue to make healthy eating options and keep on exercising and you'll do fine. All or nothing is not the answer!

Good luck!


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