Halloween Drink Recipe

Bloody Eyeball Martini

Ingredients for Bloody Eyeball Martini
2 oz gin or vodka
1/2 oz dry vermouth
1 olive eyeball

1. Place gin and vermouth in a cocktail shaker with ice.
2. Gently shake and pour, straining the ice, into a martini glass
3. Garnish with an olive eyeball.

Prepare ice "eyeballs"
per eyeball:
1 radish
1 pimiento stuffed green olive

The "eyeballs" should be prepared a day before your plan on use them.
Step 1: Peel radishes, leaving thin streaks of red skin on to represent blood vessels.
Step 2: Using the tip of the vegetable peeler or a small, knife, carefully scoop out a small hole in each radish, roughly the size of an olive.
Step 3: Stuff a green olive, pimiento side out, in each hole.
Step 4: Place 1 radish eyeball in each section of an empty ice cube tray. Pare the radishes down a bit to fit, if necessary. Fill the tray with water and freeze overnight.
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