Burn Baby Burn

Don't have much time to workout today? Here's a quick and efficient way to exercise in 5-10 minutes and still feel like you went to the gym for an hour!

Complete the series below:

1. warmup with 1-2 minutes of jumping jacks, dancing, or jogging in place
2. squats - 45 sec
3. rest for 15 sec
4. jumping jacks - 45 sec

5. rest for 15 sec
6. lunges - 45 sec
7. rest for 15 sec
8. mt. climbers - 45 sec
9. rest for 15 sec
10. pushups (on your knees or inline on the wall) - 45 sec

Repeat if you have the time and stamina!
This is a great way to jumpstart your metabolism and get in a few minutes of cardio and resistance training a the same time!


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